NFL's biggest night is here! Whether you're a superfan of the sport or the halftime show, here are some ideas on how to host a Super Bowl party at home. 

Get in the mood

Sport your teams' colours. If you don't own (yet) your favourite team's official jersey, wear something or accessorize in the colour of their logo... You can even paint your face as real "fans" do! Get out the trumpets, rattles and sirens to celebrate every touchdown. 


Get cooking

Pizza & chicken wings are staples at any Super Bowl feast. Try some variety and add a giant nacho platter with your favourite condiments, stuffed potato skins (with or without cheese), ribs and more. Spice things up, go to the international food aisle at your local IGA - LAMOUREUX grocery store to add a travel-friendly twist to these classics. You'll be surprised at how a hint of Asian sauces, Indian marinades or Italian condiments can add to a dish.


This is the perfect time to try the Air Fryer to get your chicken wings crispy or put your slow cooker to good use by making chilli or a hot dip to go with your chips. 


To each their own

Let everyone have the pleasure of creating their own customized menu. Organize your table into different self-serve stations like a: 

  • Cocktail bar with two or three spirits (gin, vodka, rum) where everyone can mix their drink with their favourite extender (juice, tonic, etc.). 
  • Nacho bar with all the condiments you could want (salsa, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, olives, hot peppers, etc.). 
  • Dessert table with cupcakes and candies in the colours of your favourite team. 


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