How-to Survive Boxing Day

How-to Survive Boxing Day

Boxing Day is fast approaching and, to get great deals, it's best to be well prepared! Here are our 3 tips for efficient and profitable bargain hunting at Place St-Eustache

Think about your comfort 

To make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible, dress comfortably and opt for a light coat to avoid getting too hot. Put on comfortable shoes to prevent back or foot pain. 


Arrive early 

It's no longer a secret. The best time to start shopping is when the stores open. Not only will you avoid crowds, but you will also have a better selection of items to choose from. 


Be safe

Don't let tempting offers make you lose your good health habits. Every store has a hand-sanitiser dispenser available at the entrance. Be sure to use it. Follow the direction of the arrows on the floor if applicable, keep a distance of 2 meters between you and other customers, and wear your mask adequately. 


Happy Boxing Day!

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