Styling Tips: This season is all about brown!

Styling Tips: This season is all about brown!

As your style partner, we have collaborated with Catherine Côté, stylist, to produce short videos. In this series of 4 videos, she will share tips to enhance your look this season.

This fall, brown is in the limelight; it's in every collection. And, you will see it in many of the Place St-Eustache's boutiques

Long ignored, the time has finally come to give it back its letters of nobility. Just as chic as black, we love it because it's softer on the skin. It will help you keep your summer tan a little longer. Go ahead, warm up your looks this season with this chocolatey hue.

Did you know?

According to colour psychology, brown represents strength and stability. So it's the colour to embrace after a turbulent year. It's also a colour that inspires warmth, security, reliability and credibility. Consider it for an upcoming job interview.

Catherine's advice for wearing brown well

As an alternative: Instead of buying the item in black, try it in brown.


As a total look: Try the monochromatic style and wear it from head to toe.


Sparingly: Just add a few accessories (shoes, handbags, scarf) to complete your look.


Would you like to see the video (French only)? Click here to watch.

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