Successful Autumn Tips

Successful Autumn Tips

Fall is finally upon us. Time to say goodbye to flip-flops, tank tops, summer dresses, shorts and swimsuits. This temperature change sometimes causes a drop in energy. Here are some tips for surviving the fall blues.

Get some fresh air

As the days get shorter, take every opportunity to soak up some sun and vitamin D. Get out for a walk or bike ride. Explore your area and marvel at the colourful display of fall.


It's harvest season, so take advantage of it. Visit local markets to buy Quebec fruits and vegetables. In season :

  • Pumpkin
  • Chioggia beet
  • Spanish yellow onion and red onion
  • Colored peppers
  • Etc.

To see the complete list of arrivals, visit the Eat Quebec.

Don't forget this must-have; apples. Visit a local orchard and try U-pick. Many even offer tasting packages: wine or cider and local products are featured!

Harvesting fruits and vegetables that will be used to make soup, pickling or crisp to enjoy on a cold and rainy day is a very comforting activity.

Be a groundhog

If you've been running around all summer - making the most of it, allow yourself to take a few days off and change your routine. Go to bed earlier, catch up on some new TV shows or do some reading. If you have the chance, even dare to sleep in on the weekend.

Read the article: Cosy up: Our Fall Essentials

Change your look

When you take out of storage your clothes for the upcoming season, use this opportunity to do a major clean-up. Sort your clothes before arranging them into your closet. Create piles to help you out: To donate, to keep or to replace.

And then, visit the Place St-Eustache to complete your wardrobe with the season's trendy items and the must-haves that will keep you warm.

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