Helpful resources for parents for back-to-school

Helpful resources for parents for back-to-school

There are many resources and good addresses to help you on the eve of back-to-school. Here are our must-haves!

1. Allo Prof

Allo Prof is a gold mine of information for parents who need tips and tricks to help their children in their quest for learning and academic success. From homework help to tips on how to encourage reading to boosting self-esteem and developing independence, you'll find all the answers you need.



Meal planning is often a headache, especially at the beginning of the school year when lunch box preparation is added to the equation. SOS Cuisine is a comparison of specials in different grocery stores and a great resource for personalized menus according to your needs, along with a grocery list that takes into account the discounts in the flyers to help you save money. Please note that some of the services on the platform are free and others are not. 


3. Aider son enfant

The portal is the most important free French-speaking platform designed to equip and support parents in the social, emotional and academic development of their children. Complete files on bullying, hyperactivity and a host of other topics that concern you. 


4. Place St-Eustache

With stores for school supplies, shoe and clothing stores for children and teenagers, and even specialized services, Place St-Eustache is definitely a destination of choice to find everything under one roof.


Place St-Eustache, your practical destination for a successful back-to-school.

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