How to prepare for your return to work!

How to prepare for your return to work!

The dolce vita of the summer vacations is slowly giving way to the new season. With a return to the office, the start of the professional year should be prepared to reduce stress and simplify daily life.

1. Cook on Sunday.

Plan your menu for the week and prepare a few meals and lunches on Sunday to get a head start. This way, you'll only have to gather a few items in the lunch boxes in the morning and heat up the evening meal. You'll save precious time and be more relaxed!


2. Visualize your week.

Sunday is the perfect day to mentally prepare for the upcoming work week. Check your work and family schedule and communicate important events and appointments to all family members.


3. Plan a lunch or happy hour with your colleagues.

This is a great way to reconnect with colleagues after several weeks or less of not seeing them. This little gathering will motivate the troops to get back to the office and face the week.


4. Prioritize.

You won't be able to get everything done the first day back in the office. Keep strategic meetings and calls to a minimum for the first few days to give yourself time to get back into the groove of things. This will help you get back on top of your emails and the tasks you put aside during your vacation. Not everything is urgent! Know how to distinguish the essential from the superficial for a smooth return.


5. Prepare your professional wardrobe.

Don't wait until the day before, or worse, the morning of your return to pick out an outfit. After a year of working from home in comfortable linens, it's probably a good time to refresh your work wardrobe. Sort through what no longer fits and make a list of essentials that will help you put together multiple outfits. Also, plan a trip to the Place St-Eustache sooner rather than later to get what you need.


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