5 tips for a successful back-to-school experience

5 tips for a successful back-to-school experience

Whether your children are in elementary school or in college, back-to-school is always an exciting and stressful time. Good preparation is the key to a successful back-to-school experience.

1. Establish a routine. 

During vacations, it's normal to deviate from a routine. If your children went to bed later and woke up later during the summer, gradually work towards the same bedtime and wake-up time as when you start school. Practice the morning routine a few days before. 


2. Talk to your children. 

Even for children who have been going to school for several years, the idea of meeting a new teacher and new friends in class can be intimidating. Ask your children how they feel about the upcoming start of school and listen to their concerns to reassure them. 


3. Involve your child in school shopping. 

Make shopping for clothes and school supplies a special event that your child will enjoy participating in. We have everything you need to pay for your purchases in one place: backpacks, school supplies, clothing, sneakers, etc. Don't forget to identify all items with your child's name before school starts! 


4. Prepare the wardrobe. 

A few days before school starts, take a few minutes with your child to create outfits for each day of the week by gathering the necessary pieces together. Depending on his age, he can (of course) prepare everything himself according to his tastes. 


5. Set up an attractive homework corner. 

To build excitement and make back-to-school positive and fun, plan a small homework area that is colourful and to your child's liking. Involve your child in organizing and creating his or her homework space. Buy new materials and accessories to make your child's homework area a reflection of him or her.


Happy shopping and a good start to the new school year!

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